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Atom Flash Zoomeray

Tigrett , 1950s
United States

The Zoomeray is another excellent example of futuristic mid-century design. With its ribs and cut outs, the toy's defined as much by its negative space as anything else. Weirdly sculptural, and completely out of this world.

The toy came in three colors: red, yellow, and gold. The red was packaged in a display box, while the others came in bags with header cards. (Doc took some liberties with the photo of the yellow for the sake of style.) Also, only the red one was packaged with the celophane tinsel wrapped around the paper yo-yo's tip.

Unlike its big brother, the Jet Zoom, their's nothing automatic about the Zoomeray. Kids would just flick their wrists to send a Chinese yo-yo shooting forward. Another flick pulled it back again.