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Daisy , 1945
United States

Based on their earlier design for the Buck Rogers XZ-38 Disintegrator, the Atomic Pistol was Daisy's final foray into metal guns based on the famous hero. For many collectors, it's considered as close to a real gun as you get, with adult-sized proportions and a solid heft. But make no mistake, the toy was a hit with kids, who re-enacted Buck's adventures with gusto bordering on hysteria.

The Atomic Pistol made a loud popping noise and sparked in its red window. The toy came in three finishes: regular steel, blued steel, and gold painted. The blued weapon is by far the rarest, followed by the regular steel. The golden version of the gun is pretty easy to find, though its popularity today often drives up prices—especially on pieces in great condition.

It remains a true classic of the space gun world.