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Tommy Ray

B&W Moulded Plastics,1950s
United States

The Tommy Ray stands tall as a pinnacle in space-age mid-century design, with a streamlined look that makes it feel more like a spaceship than a space gun. Its fluid lines and soft planes are completely at odds with the brutish mechanics of conventional weapons, and the gun's bright colors provide just the right touch of whimsy.

The gun has a cool action, too, with a barrel tip that flashes in time to the rifle's machine gun-like noise.

This is a very difficult gun to find, especially with it's fragile front site intact. When going after one, also make sure the back battery cover is in place, as well as the telescopic—non-working—site.

The Tommy ray was also available in blue with yellow accents, and the manufacturer also sold both blue and red helmets designed to go with the gun.