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3 Color Gun

Ideal , 1950s
United States

With it's crisp, clean lines and balanced proportions, the 3 Color gun is more like a piece of mid-century sculpture than a toy. Evoking the emerging rocketry of the day with it's tubular body and rear fins, it also conveys an alien sensibility thanks to the large front lens.

The gun allowed kids to fire three colors of light—white, red, and green—via a flick of the switch on top of the barrel. This caused one of two gels housed inside the gun to swing in front of a lightbulb.

The 3 Color gun came in two common variations—the one to the left, and a version that reverses the colors. There's also an extremely rare example that has a black body and red details.

The 3 Color gun isn't that rare (except for the black and red version), though it's often found without the tail fins.