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Talking Dalek

Palitoy, 19??
6 inches tall

For children growing up in 1960s Great Britain, few creatures could inspire fear like the Daleks, from the long-lived science fiction show Doctor Who. Psychotic in their drive to exterminate every other living creature, the alien mutants have been joyriding through the galaxy in their distinctive personal tanks, terrorizing everyone in their path.

Many different Dalek toys were produced over the last four decades, including this creepy talker. Pushing the button on the top of the Dalek's head activates a small internal record, which reproduces a number of Dalek phrases, using the voice from the television series. Age causes most records to warp a bit -- this only increases the menace in the toy's voice.

Palitoy also produced a red version of this toy. Care should be taken to make sure that all appendages are original, and that the toy's talking mechanism works. In 2003, Product Enterprises produced a modern talking Dalek, which uses a digital voice chip. These toys are easilly distinguishable from the Palitoy originals, but be sure to familiarize yourself with the two before making a purchase.