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Planet Patrol Saucer Gun

Premier Plastics, 1950s
United States

Saucer guns aren't anything unusual, with novelty companies still producing the toys, today. But you'd be hard pressed to find a modern incarnation with such a stylish design. From lightning bolts and fins to it's streamlined shape and techno-tastic scope, this is a step above the common propellor launcher.

But what really makes the toy stand out, of course, are the amazingly fancy saucers. Where most examples are merely spinning blades—which kids can launch at each other for hours of skin-shredding fun—these saucers actually have little spacemen inside their clear plastic domes. It's a surprisingly clever detail, especially when you consider that most kids probably lost the saucers the first time they fired them near some trees.

Saucer guns themselves are easy to find, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Landing a fancy-pants one's a bit tougher, and finding any of the domed saucers, which are delicate and break without too much trouble, is a bit tougher. This particular model was sold with four saucers, so finding a complete, boxed set takes some time and dedication.

Also, more often than not, the wind-up mechanism on these guns breaks over time. Kids overwound the toys, or corrosion worked its evil ways on the internal spring. Since most people wouldn't dream of actually firing the super cool saucers, this doesn't seem like a big deal, and in the Doc's opinion, it's not really worth holding out for a working model. If you want to terrorize the cat, get a modern reproduction. That's what Doc does, anyway...