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Space Scout Helmet

Renwal , 1950s
United States

Want to earn the respect and admiration of space toy collectors everywhere? Display this fantastic helmet in your collection (next to the Renwal Planet Jet, if you've got one). The toy's swoops and curves, rings and fins, planets and stars all combine with a skeletal frame to create something truly out of this world.

Want those same space toy collectors to beat you up and steal your lunch money? Actually wear the darn thing.

The Space Scout helmet was definitely designed to complement Renwal's Planet Jet, though the two weren't sold as a set as far as anyone knows. It's a fragile toy, obviously, and care should be taken not to knock the fin or ears off. (The fin, however, usually has some very slight wobble, due to construction methods.) The split in the back is intentional, so that the toy could fit on any Space Scout's noggin. However, it's common for the toy to split near where the ear connects to the front band—with care, this can be repaired, though on the advice of his lawyers, Doc really suggests that collectors take their helmet to someone who knows what he's doing. (For instance, did you know that Crazy Glue can react badly with old plastic? Exactly, which is why you shouldn't be fixing plastic toys on your own.)

Like so many plastic toys, the Space Scout helmet was also available with a red fin and blue ears. Neither is rarer than the other, and both are completely cool. (Unless you try to wear it!)