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Atomic Box

Linemar, 1955
7.5 inches tall

Kids must have loved this early toy, because manufacturers spit out thousands of them. This is great for robot collectors, because it means these wonderful robots, with their heavy litho and beautiful battery boxes, appear on ebay often enough that any collector can pick one up for relatively low prices.

In action, R-35 walks forward and backward with a pin-in-feet mechanism, while its arms swing and eyes light up. Variations of the toy include both a blue-eyed and blue-ish tin version, as well as one from the mid-Sixties that comes with a plain plastic remote control. Be careful when replacing the eyes if they burn out: the blue dots are actually blown into the glass, as opposed to being painted on the surface. Accurate replacements can sometimes be found on other, much cheaper, vintage toys (animals and such).