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Planet Jet

Renwal , 1950s
United States

Few ray guns can compare with the Planet Jet, a wildly sculptural, utterly beautiful example of mid-century toy design and retro-futuristic fantasy. It's also fantascially rare, making for a highly desireable toy all around.

The Planet Jet features a simple mechanism: pull the trigger and the rocket swings forward while the gun fires a stream of water. It also makes a clicking noise.

This toy is rarely found in mint condition—when it's found at all. The tip falls off without much effort, and the fins sweeping back from the barrel are often broken off. However, excellent reproduction tips are available, and even without the little fins, the gun looks pretty great.

As rare as the yellow Planet Jet is, there are even rarer versions in red and blue. When purchasing replacement tips, remember that they always match the triggers color.