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Mechanized Robot

Nomura, 1957
13 inches tall

Robby the Robot. Star of Forbidden Planet and The Invisible Boy. A science fiction icon since the mid-Fifties, few other robots have captured the imagination and fascination of so many. With a personality that extended far beyond any of his mechanical contemporaries, Robby set a very high bar of achievement for such other famous robots as C3PO and R2D2.

Mechanized Robot (a name intended to avoid MGM lawyers and their pesky licensing contracts) is considered by many to be the greatest Robby toy of all time. Standing a whopping 13 inchest tall, the toy strides forward with great purpose as his neck window lights green, his dome lights red, his two scanner rings spin, and his four pistons, well, piston up and down, all while making an amazingly fantastic racket. The two D-cell batteries that power this toy sit in Robby's legs, providing a nice, low center of gravity. This particular piece is a second generation toy; the battery compartment tabs on the legs are flat, as opposed to earlier, knob-like ones. It's also worth noting that my Mechanized Robot has two right hands, a mistake made during the manufacturing process.

A number of Mechanized Robot variations exist, including a rare silver version, as well as extremely rare black and silver salesman samples with shorter, C-cell battery compartment legs [See the "Special Exhibit" section of the Robot wing]. Osaka Tin Toy Institute reproed the regular version of the toy in the Nineties, coming out with many different colors. These newer Mechanized robots cost considerably less than the vintage pieces, but be careful: The repro's internal gears are made of plastic and malfunctions are common.