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TOY ROBOTS... Beep. Beep. Whir. Click.

The No. 1 online forum for toy robot and toy robot-related discussions.

Toy Ray Gun
It's a ray gun site, but there's a great assortment of toy robots for sale, too. Ol' Doc's bought many pieces from this great dealer over the years, and couldn't be happier.

Ozzie's Toys
Even if you can't afford to buy right now, it's worth a visit for all the great pics and info.

The Robothut
The collection of John Rigg—see it to believe it. Plus, photos of other great collections.

Robot Island
Great online shop for new and vintage toy robots. The owner is a stand up guy.

Mechanized Robot
The legendary Forbidden Planet and Lost In Space collections of Patrick Karris. Toys? Posters? Books? Models? Check, check, and check. A true inspiration.

Cyber Toyz
Excellent toy store, with a wide assortment of vintage and new robots and space toys.

Mr. Jan's Robots
Lots of photos of this giant collection. Definitely worth a visit.

A great collection of robots both old and new. Top notch!

Guy Antique Gallery
Wonderful online shop for all sorts of robots and space toys.

Zoomer Toys
Toys for sale by the writer of Future Toys, one of the best robot and space toy books.

Mainstreet Toys
Wide assortment of vintage space and robot toys. Great pics.

Sci-Fi Station
Excellent toy, movie, and collectible store owned and operated by one of the biggest fans in science fiction.

SPACE GUNS... Sometimes you need to disintegrate something.

Toy Ray Guns
Features a history of toy space guns, as well as comprehensive lists of various pieces broken up by era, construction material, and nation of origin. Originally started by Raygun author Eugene Metcalf, the site's now run by a great, honest collector/dealer who's recently added a For Sale section. Definitely recommended!

Mark Nagata
Home page of illustrator and ray gun collector Mark Nagata. Click on his Toy Collection link to check out some of the nicest space guns ever. Breathtaking.

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS... Worlds that fit in your pocket.

AbeBooks: Collectible and Used Books
A search engine of vintage and used book dealers. Order online, or directly from the stores themselves. Your one-stop shop.

Bags Unlimited
Archival material, from acid free bags, boards, and boxes to buffered paper, poster frames, and everything else to keep your collection of paper products in good shape.

SCIENCE FICTION... Amazing! Astounding!

Internet Speculative Fiction Database
The best site for bibliographical information on science fiction and fantasy authors. Plus pseudonyms, awards, birth and death dates, and small bio sketches.

Archive Of Science Fiction
Nice database of sci-fi authors, their bibliographies, the magazines they've appeared in, their pseudonyms, sci-fi/horror movies, trivia, and various other related info.

Dinoship Publishing
Small sf publishing house that's bringing a sense of wonder back to the genre. Publishes books by, among others, the great collector and sf film icon Bob Burns.

Bonestell Space Art
Chesley Bonestell's magazine and book cover set the bar for early sf imagery. This site features his work as well as essays on the man himself.

Famous Monsters of Filmland
The online version of the classic monster magazine. The nightmares of the Fifties and Sixties come alive!

Monster Kid Magazine
Another great monster site, one of the best on the net. From Dracula to Kong to the Thing to the Blob, this one covers them all. Intelligent, fun writing that's not to be missed.

4e's Foyer
The online home of legendary sf fan and memorabilia collector Forrest J. Ackerman. He's been in the biz for over 50 years, and has a house full of oddities to prove it!

Roaring Rockets
Information on classic Fifties-era space-adventure television and movie serials. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, and others. Highest recommendation.

SPACE... The Final— Oh, never mind.

The History Of The Space Race
Learn about one of society's most exciting times. Since we're never going back, it seems.

A Giant Leap For Mankind
Life Magazine's take on the space race.

Solar System Simulator
Fun site that lets you look at the solar system from any angle, at any point in history, and from the perspective of any point in the galaxy.

Up to date information on the space program. Sigh.

THE NUCLEAR AGE... For good or ill, we're in the middle of it.

Welcome To the Age of Nuclear Weapons
Welcome to the--? Cripes! We're screwed.

The ABCs of Nuclear Science
Everything you ever wanted to know, even if you can't understand a word of it.

Nuclear Age Timeline
Just to put things in perspective.

International Nuclear Safety Center
Someone's gotta be on the ball...

Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research and Engineering Center
Do you know what it's like to feel small? You do now.

Federation of American Scientists: Nuclear Resources
More info to scare the hell out of you.

Chronological Table of Nuclear Weapons
Scary, but impressive nonetheless. Duck and cover, my ass...

Atlantic Nuclear Corporation: Radiation Safety Supply

Cover Up Protective Clothing

MAD SCIENCE...C'mon. Someone's gotta do it.

Weird Science
As the name suggests. Puts things in perspective, though.

Exotica Research
Weird. Scary weird. Yet oddly comforting.

RANDOM STUFF... From meteorites to monster wrestling.

Catch a Falling Star Meteorites
A great place to buy meteorites. The owner is a stand-up guy.

Stuff for smart masses.

Oregon Vortex
If anyone has been here, contact us immediately!

Ain't No Way to Go
How not to die. Or how to die with style.

Kaiju Big Battel
Monsters battle among us.