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Flashy Jim

S.N.K., 1956
7.5 inches tall

Flashy Jim is Sparkling Mike's electric brother (and both are related to a similar toy, Robbie the Roving Robot). With a perpetual look of wonder plastered on his face, Jim calls to mind the robots in stories by authors such as Isaac Asimov and Eando Binder, mechanical men looking for their place in a world that sees them as little more than tools for humanity. Maybe that's why the three brothers are the only robots (that the Doc knows of) to cause women to exclaim, "Ohhh..., he's so cute!" Yeah, Jim is one of our favorites...

In action, Flashy Jim uses a tethered remote control make his eyes and mouth glow a bright red while the robot walks forward. Simple and elegant, Flashy Jim is one of the greats.