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Atomic Box
Atomic Disintegrator

Hubley , 1950s
United States

The mighty Atomic Disintegrator. There's no other way to describe this fantastic, futuristic, solid metal cap gun. With looks straight out of a Wally Wood illustration and a weighty heft, this is pretty much as close as any kid could come to having a real space gun.

The Atomic Disintegrator is a popular gun, and examples in good condition can command pretty high prices. However, it's also a common gun, and there's always one or two examples up for grab. Collectors looking to add one to their toy shelf are best off waiting for the right example at the right price—don't jump on the first one to cross your path if you don't love it. Another will definitely come along.

Getting a boxed on, on the other hand, is a lot tougher. Which is a shame, since the box is so cool...