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Atomic Box

Codeg, 1965
5.5 inches tall

For children growing up in 1960s Great Britain, few creatures could inspire fear like the Daleks, from the long-lived science fiction show Doctor Who. Psychotic in their drive to exterminate every other living creature, the alien mutants have been joyriding through the galaxy in their distinctive personal tanks, terrorizing everyone in their path.

Many different Dalek toys were produced over the last four decades, and this tin wind up is one of the rarest -- especially with it's original eye stalk, gun, and "plunger" intact.

In action, the Dalek rolls forward while its eye stalk pivots side to side. Every few inches, the toy swings around and travels in a new direction. The result is surprisingly lifelike, and almost as creepy as the aliens themselves. Okay, not really, but it's still cool.

Codeg also produced an even rarer black version of this Dalek. When shopping for a Dalek toy -- and this goes for all the different types -- be sure the appendages are original as repros do exist (and most are wrong for the piece they're replacing).