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Cracker Jet

Mettoy , 1950s
Great Britain

The Cracker Jet is one of the most beautiful space guns ever made. Sculptural, with wonderfully balanced proportions, it's a compact work of art.

It's is clearly based on Renwal's magnificent Planet Jet, and is an example of how the U.K. would often tweak U.S. molds for their own releases. In this case, they obviously changed the name, and also used a cool metallic green for the toy's body.

This ray gun is extremely rare, especially in the U.S. Consequently, the Cracker Jet is a valuable addition to a ray gun collection, and is highly sought after by afficianados.

The action is fairly simple, but still very cool. Pulling the trigger causes the rocket to move forward while a plunger pushes out a blast of water.

The toy is often missing one or all of the small fins that sweep back from the barrel (see photo). The tip, too, is usually misplaced, though perfectly accurate reproductions can be bought.

The Cracker Jet also came in yellow, with yellow rocket, tip, and trigger.