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C Cell Mechanized

Nomura, 1957
11 inches tall

Nomura's first crack at the Mechanized robot uses C cell batteries instead of the larger D cells. Unfortunately, while these were fine for the samples used by salesmen to pitch the toy to stores, these smaller batteries failed to provide enough power to keep the toy running for any significant amount of time. Consequently, when the toy finally did go into production, Nomura changed the design.

The so-called C Cell Mechanized has smaller legs and sculpted battery doors, creating what many consider to be a more comfortable sense of proportion. The two photos above show the C Cell (left) next to the more common version of the Mechanized robot.

Today, the C Cell Mechanized robot is rare as rare can be. About four or five black ones are known to exist; three silver ones are in collections, as well. Doctor Atomic managed to purchase one for the Attic with the help of a robot collector named Fineas J. Whoopie. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented the two friends from keeping their prize for more than a few days, and it was eventually sold to another collector. Still, it was nice while it lasted.