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Buck Rogers Sonic Gun

Norton-Honer, 1949
United States

Another piece in a long line of Buck Rogers artillery. These are essentially flashlights with handles and triggers, but they do emit a nicely annoying buzzing sound when fired. While the 1949 date might seem early, it has been confirmed in Christmas catalogues from that day, making this one of—if not the—earliest plastic space guns.

The gun has a number of parts, any of which can be missing—so be careful when buying! Make sure it's got the tip/cap (with its lens if possible, though these are almost always missing), as well as both knobs.

Besides red, gree, and yellow, the Buck Rogers Sonic gun also came in black—this is the most common version. It's hard to say which of the colored guns is toughest to find—many people seem to struggle to add a green one to their collection. Nonetheless, all the guns come up with some regularity, and it shouldn't be too hard to get a complete set.