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Atomic Rifle

Marx, 1950s
United States

This stunning, sinuous, silver rifle stands as a high point in Fifties ray gun design, and is a beautiful addition to any collection.

The toy's action is fairly simple: the rifle makes a clicking noise while red and white stripes above the trigger move back and forth. The knob turns, too, but doesn't do anything. Sounds boring, right? Well, it is. But who cares? Diamond rings don't do anything but sparkle, and everyone seems to like them just fine.

When shopping for an Atomic Rifle, make sure the tip's in place, and that it has knobs on both sides. This gun doesn't come up often, but it's not so rare that you can't wait for a mint one.

The Atomic Rifle also came in gold and blue versions, both of which are rarer than the silver. However, Doc thinks the silver looks nicest—others disagree. Each toy comes randomly with either a silver, gold, or blue knob.